Him & Her

The Hubs and I decided to play a little game to see how well we know each other. For each question there is an answer for both of us. We know each other pretty darn well!

What is her favorite food?
Him: Frosted doughnuts
Her: Donuts

What is his favorite color?
Her: Blue
Him: Blue

What is her favorite movie?
Him: Blast from the Past
Her: Blast From the Past

What is his favorite movie?
Her: Rocketman
Him: Rocketman

Name four of her best friends.
Him: Courtney, Erin, Megan, Crusty
Her: CoCo, Crusty, Meg, Erin

His favorite artist or band right now?
Her: The Kicks
Him: The Last Royals

What is her favorite thing to do in her free time?
Him: Lay on the couch watching her favorite TV show with the animals, or reading
Her: Lounge

His favorite pastime?
Her: Play video or computer games
Him: Play outside

Stranded on a desert island what one item would she take along?
Him: Bible
Her: My Hubby

Stranded on a desert island what one item would he take along?
Her: Me of course 🙂
Him: Bible

What is her biggest pet peeve?
Him: Me not listening when she talks to me
Her: People fishing for compliments

What makes him laugh the hardest?
Her: Stand up Comedy

Him: My Wife

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