Summer Schedule

I always feel like I have more free time in the Summers, which in truth I totally don’t. When I am in school I have times between classes and had evenings I didn’t work free. In the summer I work full time but have a chunk of the evening free. I think maybe the big difference is that I have no homework (also known as the bane of my existence) looming over my head and making me miserable. 

Here is what my summer schedule looks like. I LOVE it!

*DISCLAIMER* Totally stealing this idea from my sister (she is just so smart!). To read her similar post, go HERE


6:40 – Wake-up shower get ready

7:30 – Eat breakfast on the patio/read blogs

8:00 – Leave for work

8:30 – Get to work. Play with kids, feed kids, clean turds off floor (this really happened recently), get spit-up on, GLORIOUS NAP TIME, play outside, clean

4:30 – Head home

5:00 – Take Mavis on a walk and water plants

6:00- I now have the rest of the evening free and here is what I might do:
~ Mondays and Tuesdays I do laundry
~ clean up The Hub’s messes
~ make dinner
~ watch t.v.
~ clean a room or two in the house

10:00 – Get ready for bed

10:30 – Read in bed

11:00 Lights out… Goodnight

Pretty great right? I love it! It is the perfect mixture of freedom and structure for me. I wish it could be Summer all year round!

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