Friday Letters

Dear Food,
You have been so good lately. I was coming home from work this summer and just snacking instead of having a real meal. Well, then The Hubsand I went to the grocery store and met many of your food friends and brought them home. Now hot dogs, cheese crackers, corn on the cob and strawberries are a meal for me. Yum!

Dear Animal Babies,
I will never understand your relationship with each other. Five minutes before snapping this picture I was literally pulling Melvin’s head out of Mavis’ mouth and I turn around and you guys are best friends. Could you maybe work on the love part more than the hate? 

Dear Patio,
I love you and your friend Back Yard more than you know. I even wrote a whole blog post about you! Eating breakfast every morning with you and reading with you in the evenings is simply splendid! See you later tonight!

Dear Hubs,
Why you gotta be gone so much? Spending time with you is my favorite thing in the world and I miss it. I know that you are working so hard for our little family and you have no idea how attractive that is. I think it would be a lot harder to miss you if you weren’t so darn attractive and fun to be with. 


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