Pleasant Patio

So The Hubs and I moved to a new place in the beginning of April. Our first house was adorable and charming. It had ivy growing up all the trees, nice wood floors and brand new kitchen appliances. It really was a great first home! 

I have a friend who called our house an enchanted fairy cottage. Can you see why?

We are renters. Looked into buying a house about six months ago and the bank just laughed in our faces. Well, really it was only because I don’t have a salary job but they still didn’t help us out at all! Our first house was a little pricy so when we sat down and talked about our finances and future we decided that we would be buying a house in a year or two. So we realized that it would be smart to find a new place to rent that was lots cheaper so we could save some moolah. We looked for about two months, and had trouble finding a place that allowed pets and wasn’t a total crap-hole. Finally we found a cute little town house that allows pets and was very well kept. We immediately filled out the application and said we wanted it! 

Not quite as charming and this is an older picture. Keep reading the blog and you will see an update on all the work I have done on the front porch!

I was excited about the new place but also sad to leave our first home that was so stinking cute! When moving day came I was really worried about all of our stuff fitting in the new place and about it looking cluttered and dumb. Well after days of moving things around, hanging pictures, strategically placing decorative knick-knacks and organizing, I was really happy with how it all turned out! (maybe a home tour will be on the blog later?)

One of my favorite things about this house is that there is a patio right off the kitchen. I am a lover of nature and anything outdoors so I saw some potential. Our old house didn’t have a deck or patio just a huge back yard. This new house has a small little patio(aka concrete slab) and almost a smaller yard. I was sorta depressed about the size of the yard until May rolled around. There is a small wooded area behind our house and it got gorgeous when May arrived. I think my favorite part is that there is a huge honeysuckle bush right by our patio and our whole yard smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

After falling in love with our tiny yard and having weeks of gorgeous weather, I decided I wanted to make our patio an oasis! It began with a small table and chairs set, and a grill. BORING! I then added some flowers and cute outdoor lanterns, then I later added some lights around the patio doors. Next, the hubs and I went to get some fun tiki torches (gnats have been terrible in Missouri this summer). The latest addition was a stand umbrella for some shade! I am really happy with how it is looking although it is not done yet! 

My view is pretty nice if I say so myself! 

We have eaten countless meals out here and I often will take out a book in the evening and read for an hour or two. I am so glad to have a little piece of heaven in our own back yard. Now if only I could do something about those nasty june bugs in the evenings 🙂

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