A Post About Missing

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Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss?

When thinking about what to write for this post I was just going to choose one thing and write about it. Then I started to think about all kids of things I miss, people, places, events, seasons of life and so much more. So I think I will just list them all, I am in a writing mood so why not?

<My Family

I live far from the majority of my family. Here is the breakdown in driving times:
Parents: Kansas ~ 8 hours
Brother: New York ~ Flight
Brother: Texas ~ 10 hours
Sister: Missouri ~ 45 minutes 😀

So, all but my sister are far away not to mention my whole extended family on both sides are in Kansas and a few in California. So I am not close to most of my family and that makes me sad. I especially miss my parents and brothers. My brother in Texas is married to my sister in-law, the sweetest woman ever 🙂 And it also makes it harder because they have a darling little girl who I have seen in person 4 times in her almost 2 years of life 😦 My oldest brother has always been farthest away and I miss him all the time. So they all take first place in my heart for being missed. 

<<First Dating The Hubs

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE being a newlywed for so many reasons but sometimes I miss the chase. We had so much fun together just getting to know each other. Things like the first crush, staying up for hours to talk, first kiss, and having all kinds of new experiences together. I miss those days, but am also in love the season we are in now!

<<<High School

Does that make me lame? Some people HATE high school but I always loved those 4 years. I miss how easy life was back then. How the only thing I had to worry about was a basketball game, if I was having a good hair day and if my boyfriend was gonna act like he liked me that day at school (oh, high school relationships). Easy stuff. I miss lots of people who I grew up with and were in my life for years (shout out EZ, Megan, Eek, Brea and Ellie). Of course I am also so glad I am out of high school for many reasons too. But I remember those days being some of the best times of my life. So simple and so fun.


Now, I still have one semester (Student Teaching) left but I miss dorm life and the new feeling of freedom. I had an AMAZING first two years of college. I met my best friends, fell in love with Jesus, learned so much, met The Hubs, and just had plain good ol’ clean fun! It was great and I will never forget those times. 

There are so many things to miss in my life but even more things that are in the present that I can enjoy right now! I love looking back and seeing what great things God put in my life to fondly miss and how he is adding new things to enjoy! Smart guy that God is 😉

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