Back in a Big Way!

Whew… so the last couple of weeks have been the busiest and hardest of my life. I am in my very last semester of college classes EVER and things just got CRA-ZY. Hence, the reason there have been no blog posts in about 7,998,989 days. But I am here and with exciting news! 

I will be participating in Blog Every Day In May! It is link up with one of my favorite bloggers Jenni. Basically she planned my blog for me for the entire month of May! Coming up with what to blog about it the hardest part so I thank her for helping me out! 

Obviously I am starting a little late… oops. So I am going to start with today’s topic which is.. DRUMROLL. 

Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you’re most afraid of
(sort of a deep topic for my first day) Well here goes!

I would not say that I am someone who has a whole lot of deep, heart-stopping fears but I do have a few and a couple ridiculous ones as well.

1. Pencil Lead In My Eye:
Yea, you read that right. This all comes from witnessing a kid in one of my classes bouncing a pencil up and down on his table and then it going straight into his eye. Ever since that, I have been terrified of getting pencil lead in my eyes. I also hate the thought of any other small sharp object getting all up in my eyeball. Glass, shrapnel, you name it and I don’t want it anywhere near my eye!

2. Being Attached To My Phone:
This is really a fear I have. I currently do not own a smart phone but in August when out contract is up, Hubs and I are gonna get iPhones. I am excited but I am more terrified.  I do not want to become like every other person in my generation. Literally obsessed and attached to their dumb phones. I will work so hard to not become like that cause it is so unattractive. To read more about my hatred of phones go HERE

My super fancy “dumb” phone

3. The Ocean
I have only been to the ocean once and don’t get me wrong it is magnificent! However, I do not like going out further then I can touch because if I do I WILL get eaten by a shark or loose a limb. I am terrified of sea creatures and what is swimming beneath me that I can’t see. I don’t even really like lakes but the absence of sharks makes it a little better. I will stick to swimming pools where all you gotta worry about is pee 😉

Now let me get a little deeper for ya on these last two.

4. Hitting and Killing a Child With My Car
Morbid, I know but I really do think about it all the time when I am driving. If I see a kid even a hundred feet away I slow down to a roll.  Since I am going to be a teacher I will be driving in parking lots with a million kids around and that terrifies me. I just cannot imagine living with the fact that I had done that, even if it was a complete accident. 

5. Being Kidnapped
Sadly I think about this a lot, I think because I have seen so many shows like CSI or NCIS. I always play out scenarios in my head if I see a sketchy man near me and I think of ways to escape or what I would use as a weapon that is near me. I know the chances of me getting kidnapped are slim but I still worry. At least I am always thinking ahead. 

So that is all for Blog Every Day In May for May 7th. Tomorrow look forward to:

Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others.

2 thoughts on “Back in a Big Way!

  1. Rebeccah Giltrow says:

    I live by the beach, and people who live by the beach are supposed to love the sea. But the sea scares me too. I'm scared of being swept away or drowning. Plus, the sea here is extremely polluted, so you never know what could get tangled around your leg :/


  2. Sarah says:

    I have the same beach fear. I won't even go in like more than a foot because I'm deathly afraid of sharks eating me! Love your blog Tavia… can't wait to look around more!

    Three more days left in the May giveaway; A new blog design! Our Journey


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