Letters on Tuesday

Dear Last Weekend,

You were amazing! You brought so many of my favorite things; hanging out with my sister, my nephews and my BIL, beautiful weather, a scrabble game(that I won) with The Hubs, homemade Stromboli, half-priced Blizzards, watching Homeland and snuggling and getting things done around the house. Do you think you could talk to your other weekend friends and tell them to be just like you?

Dear Job,
I worked my last day of you last week and have been a free woman ever since. You were good to me, introduced me to great people and made me some fat cash. I will miss you, but only a little. Your absence will allow me to focus on school, my house and my family.

Dear Animals,
Why you gotta be so cute? My heart is melting!

Dear Spring Break,
You are FINALLY here! I love you. That is all.
Dear First Home,
You have been wonderful. You are beautiful inside and out and have treated The Smith family well. So many precious memories were made in you and I am sad to see you go. I will miss your vines, your gorgeous hydrangea bush and your amazing amount of storage. I will not miss your lack of kitchen outlets, your overpriced rent or your incredibly high utility bills. 

Dear New Home,
I am excited to get settled in you and decorate a new home. I am dreading the moving process but am happy to do it all with my best friend, The Hubs! I hope you treat us well (and thank you for the extra money you will save us). 

Dear Jesus,
You are so faithful! I cannot get over how you continue to have better plans in mind then I did. Teach me to trust in your will and be patient. Love you!

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