Presumably Bad Day Becomes Good!

Monday, I was not looking forward to Tuesday. On the dockett for the day was:

taking a 2 hour standardized test
getting our taxes done

Yep, an pleasant line-up.


So all day Monday I was not looking forward to Tuesday, what made it even worse is the fact that Tuesdays I usually have the whole day free until I work at 3:30. 

Well not this Tuesday. 

Then something amazing happened. I ended up having a really great day! 

First, I got to sleep in an hour which is always a welcome activity.
Then after waking up, while The Hubs was at the gym I just laid in bed in his sweatpants and read a great book in the sunlight. 
Not too bad huh?

I had lovely dinner of pancakes and apple juice and then took my time getting ready to go to my test at 10:00am.

The test wasn’t so bad, and I got done in a little over an hour instead of the 2 they said to plan for. 

Then, we went to get our taxes done and were pleasantly surprised by the amount we are getting back. It was also strangely fun to file our taxes together as a married couple for the first time. 

When we got back from getting our taxes done, I came home to a package Collin had been waiting for. The last part of my Valentine’s Day gift! A pair of beautiful earrings I had been wanting from my favorite etsy shop. It was extra sweet because I had mentioned these earrings maybe a month before and he went and searched for them! 

A little excited 😉

Then Collin and I both headed off to work. Work was good for me because I was really busy and it went by fast.

By the end of the day I was very happy with how the day had gone, a day I was dreading. 

Always fun when that happens!

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