Lately the most used word in my vocabulary has been “busy”. This is the time of the year where school really starts to get crazy and life just sweeps me away.

Here are a few of the things I have been up to. 

Planning a science unit (5 lessons) for my Kindergartners.

Doing WAY too many dishes.

Yuck. That’s all I have to say about this one.

Add to this list:

online class work
cleaning the house
working 30 hours a week
paying too many bills
house hunting
caring for 2 high maintenance animals and 1 high maintenance husband (love you babe;)

Luckily God is good and within all of this craziness I was able to fit in some really awesome stuff as well!

Getting time every morning to eat breakfast and read the Bible.

Buying a ton of awesome class room goodies! Can’t wait until I get to put them to use!

Taking cat naps with… my cat!

Getting to spend all of Valentine’s Day with the love of my life! We had such a great day doing lots of our favorite things!

Spending an evening alone at Panera doing homework. The homework part wasn’t ideal but the ambiance and the snack I had were!

Family time before church!

Add to the list:

great weather and long walks with Mavis
Blockbuster going out of business and buying tons of CHEAP dvd’s
reading An Echo in the Darkness when I should be doing more productive things…but it’s just so good!
having time to make a lots of meals and living off leftovers for weeks
meeting and falling in love with 24 perfect Kindergartners 
spending time with friends
listening to Dara Maclean’s new CD on repeat… for days
getting chances to blog again

And so much more. I don’t always love being busy and sometimes I would rather crawl in a hole then have to do all the things I have to. But God always seems to have his hand in things and with all the crazy he allows for some pretty amazing moments too. 

I sure am blessed!

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