Back to School, Back to School…

… to prove to mom I’m not a fool!

I go back to school next week and I have VERY mixed emotions. I have always liked school, mainly for the social aspect (well maybe not so much in College cause I pretty much never talk in my classes) but I also do enjoy learning. Break was so good though and it was nice to have so much free time to do whatever I wanted to! I was trying to get myself motivated and made a sort of pro/con list about going back to school.


1. This semester will put me one step closer to achieving my most sough-after dream of becoming a teacher!

2. I will have a routine and a consistant schedule, which I love!

3. I get to meet (and fall madly in love with) a new group of kiddos and learn so much by helping in their classroom!

4. I will feel like I have a purpose in life other than sitting around watching t.v. and stuffing my face ūüėČ

5. Knowledge is power!


1. Homework a.k.a the bane of my existence. 

2. Waking up at the butt-crack of dawn every morning. 

3. Busy, busy, busy, busy. 17 hours at school, 30 hours a week at work, not to mention laundry, cooking, caring for animals and spending time with The Hubs and friends. 

So as you can see the pros outweigh the cons, so I guess it’s official! I am excited to go back to school! I would greatly¬†appreciate¬†prayers for motivation¬†though¬†because it is also official that I have a MAJOR case of senioritis.¬†

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