Starbucks Recipe: White Chocolate Mocha

My favorite thing to order at Starbucks in a nice warm White Chocolate Mocha! I posted the link to this recipe a long time ago (like my second blog post ever) but here is a step by step. I am serious when I say that this tastes just like the real thing. And it takes about 10 minutes total to make. Try it! You will like it!

I don’t measure things usually so bare with me…

What you need: Coffee, white chocolate chips, milk, small pot, glass bowl that fits in the pot

 First, brew some coffee extra strong and you only need about enough to fill 1/3 of the coffee mug.

Then put a little bit of water in the pot and bring to a boil, after the water begins to boil place the glass bowl in the pot to create a double boiler. (Keep on the heat, I just took it off to take the picture.)

After you place the glass bowl in the pot, reduce heat to medium. Pour roughly 1/2 cup of milk in the glass bowl and a big handful of white chocolate chips (the more chips the stronger the chocolate taste, so use your judgment) Stir consistently until chocolate chips are melted, it takes about a minute or two. You will have a really smooth, runny mixture.
Then pour the milk/chocolate mixture into the coffee and mix together. You’re done! Easy as that, and delicious. I usually like to add whipped cream to the top but we were out 😦


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