So The hubs and I were having a “discussion” last night about when Christmas season really begins. I say November 1st is the day that you are allowed to buy Christmas items, listen to Christmas music, start watching Christmas movies… etc. The Hubs says the day after Thanksgiving is the magic day.

Hub’s Argument

1. It is absolutely unacceptable in American culture to put your tree up any earlier than the day after Thanksgiving, so that is when the Christmas season begins.

2. Black Friday shopping is what rings in Christmas time.

3. If you start celebrating and doing Christmas things early, then Thanksgiving doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

My (correct) Argument

1. November 1st they begin playing Christmas music in places you have no control over (radio, stores etc.)

2. November 1st is when they start putting out all the Christmas goodies to buy in every store (some earlier but I even think that is ridiculous). So you have no choice but to be infected with the fever.

3. November 1st is when they send out the Salvation Army Bell Ringers, which brings a Christmas feeling to every shopping experience.

4.  November 1st, all Christmas movies go on sale or are on a special display at the rental stores.

5. Last but not least… November 1st is when I mysteriously have an uncontrollable urge to be in the Christmas spirit. I don’t make it happen, it just sneaks up on me.

So explain that Hubs!

Anybody with me? Or are you crazy like My Man?

If you are then maybe this will get you in the mood..

3 thoughts on “Christmas!!!

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    I think you hubby's #3 argument trumps all the rest of yours put together. But I gotta admit that all those photos you posted (except the Elf movie!) DID kind of get me in the spirit of Christmas!


  2. Tobi says:

    FYI…I am only reading your snarky little comment because I stayed after work (Ryan has all three boys) on my holiday weekend and got tired of doing lesson plans so I'm spying on Tav's blog. No working computer en la casa! And wouldn't you know that all kinds of blog moments/ideas have struck me – and I would actually have time to write them this weekend, but alas. You may commence feeling guilty now. Just don't apologize via technology invented after 1998.


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