I had a really great weekend that actually involved doing more than homework and house work (which is rare). Here are some highlights from my weekend:

  • Friday night after The Hubs got off work we went to eat at the new casino in town. It was delicious and a really fun atmosphere. After that we were planning on seeing either Wreck It Ralph or Argo but we were dummies and didn’t look at times before we left and they were way too late since I had to work early the next morning. So instead we rented Snow White and the Huntsman (actually a very good movie). It was a great date night and long overdue.
  • Saturday morning The Hubs left for St. Louis to celebrate a friends birthday for the weekend. I had to work a 12 hour day at the Dealership but it was great because I had so much to do and we were real busy. The day went by quickly and I got lots accomplished. 
  • Saturday night my friend CoCo came over and we ordered a pizza, watched a movie and used these crazy warming spa gloves. They smelled funny but they made our hands really soft!
  • Sunday I skipped church 😮 since The Hubs was gone and instead did some cleaning and caught up on some T.V. shows. Later on I went to a friend’s house to hang out with her, some friends and her new precious baby! 
Lots of fun to see friends, get some work done and get to spend some good time with my man. Next weekend should be just as good since I get to spend it with my sister, her hubby and my darling nephews!
Don’t wanna leave ya without a picture, so here are my animals snuggling with me Sunday morning!

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