Anti Cell Phone

Yep, I said it. I am anti cell phone, well partially. I don’t have a smart phone, my phone does the basics, call, text and there is even a calculator for when I am feeling wild 😉 I also rarely have my phone charged or know where it is for that matter. I can go days without realizing I haven’t seen my phone once. It’s not that I don’t get calls or messages, I do, I just don’t have the need to check it constantly or use it. It makes me sad to see how reliable some people are on their phones. I do text and I usually have my phone with me but I still consider myself anti cell phone. Here are my thoughts (however unpopular they may be).

1. Cell Phones, especially smart phones have ruined my generation’s social skills. There have been multiple studies showing that many people who grew up with cell phones have trouble holding a good conversation and making eye-contact when speaking. How sad is that? I believe these facts to be true because I have witnessed it with many people.

2. Maybe the most depressing thing I have ever heard recently is that now a new phobia has been created. Nomophobia is the fear of being without your cell phone. Seriously? Yuck.

3. It makes me so mad when I am spending time with someone and they are on their phone the whole time. People can’t just be where they are and enjoy it anymore, they have to be on their phones doing God-knows-what. I found this e-card that cracked me up, so true though.

4. The Hubs always gets mad at me when he can’t reach me because I don’t answer my phone or text him back right away. I get the whole “what if I were laying in a ditch dying” speech. My response to that is always, years ago no one had a cell phone and everyone got along just fine. Sure the dying in a ditch thing makes a cell phone come in handy but in everyday situations it is just crazy to think that you CAN’T LIVE without a phone.

5. Last but not least, you don’t even want to get me started on how aggravated I get when someone is walking and texting. I have never seen one person who can walk at a normal pace and text at the same time. On campus I get stuck behind groups of people walking the speed of a tortoise and texting. So annoying.

So those are my thoughts. Cell phones and the way people who are obsessed with phones act are my biggest pet peeve. I know many people will disagree but hey this is my blog so I can say what I want. Right? 

One thought on “Anti Cell Phone

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    LOL! As one of those people who gets upset when you don't answer my calls and texts, I hate to say you make some good points. But you do. But as your mom, I always think you must be lying dead in a ditch somewhere when you don't answer me right away!

    I also think I might have a mild case of Nomophobia. :}


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