My Favorite Tunes, Recently

I love music, I always have. I not only love to listen to it but I am one of those people who does private concerts in my car 🙂 Don’t waste your time trying to get a ticket though, they are for exclusive members only. My musical taste has changed a lot over time. When I was in late Elementary school and Early Middle School the only music you could get me to lay ears on was Christian music. I thought all other music was from the devil himself (this was my goody-goody stage). My mom tells a story of how when I was younger she was listening to a county station on the radio and I told her to change it to K-Love ( the local Christian station) she said she didn’t want to listen to that at the moment. My response to her “but don’t you love Jesus?” I eventually got over that and then turned into a Country lover, for most of late High School that was the only thing you could find me listening to. Then for a while I guess I got wild and ventured into the secular world. My musical taste changed the most when coming to college. I met people who were into these really funky, sort of unique and not mainstream bands. I didn’t think I would ever hop on that band wagon but I have found my niche! I like the more mellow music that has a unique sound and isn’t loud, has dumb lyrics or is unorigional (I am talking to you Katy Perry). This isn’t to say that I don’t still listen to some country or pop every now and then but mainly my ears only wanna hear the REAL good stuff (personal opinion of course).

So I wanted to share some groups, albums and songs I have really been diggin’ lately ( I sound eccentric right?) Take a listen and see what you think! Not for everyone but you gotta at least give it a try!


This married duo was actually on The Voice but didn’t make it past round 2. Thats okay though cause I love their new album and they have my support!
Listen to tracks: {2}Blood and Bones  {3} Head to My Heart
Buy or Listen Here
Norah Jones
Norah is a little more mainstream and this is actually an album from 2009 but it is new to me and I have been loving it!

Listen to tracks: {1} Chasing Pirates {2} Even Though {7} It’s Gonna Be {13} Man of the Hour
Buy or Listen Here

The Civil Wars

This is one of my favorite groups ever, their latest CD Barton Hollow is so awesome. This is probably one of my most played albums on my iTunes.

Listen to Tracks: {2} I’ve Got This Friend {4} To Whom It May Concern {6} My Father’s Father {10} Falling {11} Forget Me Not
Buy or Listen Here

Of Monsters and Men
Gotta thank The Hubs for the introduction to this group. He bought their newest album and I stole it and won’t be giving it back! They are an icelandic (is that a word) group with a really unique sound. 
Listen to Tracks: {1} Dirty Paws {2} King and Lionhart {3} Mountain Sound {6} Little Talks
Buy or Listen Here

Young The Giant

I know less of this group because they are very new to me but I can still pick out a few songs I love!

Listen to Tracks: {1} Apartment {4} Cough Syrup {8} Your Sides
Buy or Listen Here

So that’s what I have been listening to lately! Hope you take a listen and find something you like!

Happy Hump Day 🙂

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