Reasons Why I Have Been Loving My Hubs Lately

I always love The Hubs to death but lately he has just been an extra big sweetheart and surprising me with romantic gestures! Here is a little overview of my boo’s recent activities! If you are reading this babe, I love you!

I came home after a long day and found this sweet note and the dishes in the sink all washed. He even washed all his coffee mugs from the week by hand. 
I mean is there anything sexier than when a man does the dishes for you?

He has never liked cats but when I begged to get one he surprised me with a trip to our local Humane Society and we picked out little Melvin! And now somebody who I won’t name is IN LOVE. The other night he was holding him and says “look how much he loves me!” 
I love that he surprised me with a kitty and that despite his dislike for cats he tried to like him and ended up loving him!
I work later hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays and don’t get home until about 8:15 so I never cook dinner those nights and usually just snarf some old leftovers down for myself. Well last week I came home and found this glorious feast spread out on the table. Collin made us a delicious dinner of Chicken Zuchinni Pasta, bread (which he even made olive oil dip for) and salad. It was so good but more importantly sweet!

Sunday we spent our day relaxing which involved a couple hours at Barnes and Noble drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes and working. I love spending time with my man and especially on Sunday Funday!

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