A Tale of Two Bikes

There once was a girl who was shopping in the magical land of Target, buying more than she should. While walking down all the glorious aisles, suddenly she saw it. The most beautiful, adorable little red and blue bike she had ever laid eyes on. She knew she had to have it, and it was even on sale and came with a coupon! Could she get any more lucky? There was just one thing standing in the way of her happily every after with that bike. Her husband. What would he say? Was she allowed to spend the money? Did she need a bike that badly? She knew she needed to discuss it with him first as it was a big purchase. She said her goodbyes and sadly walked away from the darling little bike. Feeling that some day she would see it again.

That evening at home she ever-so casually brought up a picture of the darling bike online and mentioned how lovely it would be to have such a bike for Christmas. To her utter surprise the husband said “beautiful, smart, amazing, glorious wife. Why don’t you just buy it now?” Could it be? Did she hear that correctly? She jumped for joy, now that bike could be hers!

The next day she woke up with the sun as soon as the magical land of Target opened she raced through the doors and got her bike. She rolled the bike to the front with pride knowing that with her behind that bike she looked just as cute as the bike itself. She got the bike home and couldn’t wait to ride it. She put her shoes on, got the bike ready to go and off she went. She sat down for the first time and it felt as if her butt was sitting on a fluffy cloud. She looked both ways then put her feet on the pedals and with her first rotation she knew it was a good fit! She rode merrily along and suddenly approached a hill. This is nothing, she thought but BOY WAS SHE WRONG. She could not even get up the hill, the bike had no gears at all and even as she stood to give herself more strength, NOTHING HAPPENED. This bike sucked. It may have been cute but it was a devil in disguise. At that moment she knew that bike was not for her.

As I am sure you have guessed, the girl was me! It really was the most adorable bike I have ever seen but had I been shopping with my brain instead of my heart and eyes I would have seen that this bike is in no way cut out for riding in Southeast Missouri. I guess this Kansas girl was just set in her old ways.

I owned this absolutely perfect {looking} bike for 3 hours yesterday. 

I think most women (at least the ones in my family do!) get in trouble sometimes for buying things just because they look so darn cute. Goes with the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” I totally judged this one thinking it would be perfect and everything I had ever dreamed of because it is simply adorable. It really sucked though. Hard to ride, limited features and even partially dangerous. Taught me a lesson. Luckily Target let me return it no questions ask and gave me cash back. I marched my way over to Wal-Mart (it just doesn’t compare to glorious Target try as it may) and found a bike that is far less cute but rides like a dream.

Everyone (okay so my Mom and maybe a few friends) meet Jackie!

She might look average but she goes up hill effortlessly and is built for speed.

So in the future when I purchase things I will have to do a little more research and try not to be blinded by the cute-ness factor. Oh well, I will always remember that first bike!

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Bikes

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    LOL! I couldn't even tell the difference! Just paint a couple of red stripes on Jackie and you've got the other bike. Cracks me up to see Melvin in both photos after you told me how he follows you EVERYWHERE. (I LOVE that cat!)

    May you have many happy rides on that bike. (But I want to see a photo of you ON the bike to see if it really made you look THAT cute!)


  2. Tobi says:

    Haha! Loved your tale! Gotta say, I share your problem. When I saw the pics, I was thinking I woulda saved the first bike to prop against a brick wall with a basket full of flowers. Bike riding in Cape terrified me! KS girls do get spoiled!


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