Real Blogger

I’m gunna do it! I am going to attempt to be a REAL blogger. Not in the sense that I use this blog to make money or get a million followers but that I actually blog regularly. So today I sat down and made a blog plan, I am going to have a certain kind of post each day so that I don’t have to rack my brain for ideas. Here is what you can look forward to:

Mondays: I Love Mondays!

Tuesdays: Random/Anything on my mind

Wednesdays: Fashion/Pinterest/Product favorites

Thursdays: Thankful Thursdays

Fridays: Link-up H54F with From My Grey Desk

So get excited because this is REALLY going to happen!

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So most people groan and gripe when Mondays roll around, I am one of the rare who feels the opposite. Okay, so you are thinking I am crazy well let me explain…

My love for Mondays began in college. In high school I was just like the rest of you and dreaded going to bed Sunday night because it meant my precious weekend was over and when I awoke I would be going back to school and a whole week of waiting for the weekend again. Then when college rolled around I realized that my schedule was up to me and I didn’t have to sit in classes for 7 hours straight every day. From then on I loved Mondays because somehow I just never had many classes or work on Mondays. Instead I had FREE TIME that precious time to do whatever-the-freakin-heck-I-wanted-to! This semester once again I have only one class in the evening and don’t have to work at all! It is simply beautiful and one of my favorite days! I hope that my love for Mondays every Monday might make you love it a little too!

I love Mondays posts will look something like this:

I love Mondays because:

My poochy sleeps peacefully next to me while I blog!

One thought on “Real Blogger

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    Monday used to be my favorite day of the week, too, because it meant kids were back in school, the house was mine again, and I had a whole 5 days of that before the crazy weekend again. : ) Now, everyday is like a Monday. And I sort of miss those crazy weekends. But I still love Mondays. : ) I really love that you're blogging!


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