Chef Tavia

Lately I have made a lot of recipes from Pinterest and luckily all of them have been really good! Here are the links to the ones I have tried:

Made these for Taco Night last night. I used whole wheat tortillas and “Oh My Word” were they good. They were easy, crispy and had kind of a sweet taste. Added taco meat, mango chipotle salsa, shredded cheese and lettuce and yummo! Next I want to make these and turn them in to chips!

This is probably my favorite new recipe. I love shrimp but have never made it myself before, it always kind of scared me to work with seafood.  So when I tried this method of cooking it I was very nervous as to how it would turn out. Boy was it surprisingly good, perfectly cooked and a really rich flavor and easy, easy, easy. This is one you HAVE to try.

We have a grill but haven’t really taken the time to get it up and running, so what are we suppose to do when we want a good home-cooked burger? Got to Pinterest and find a great recipe for oven made hamburgers! These were easy and very good. I added BBQ sauce and some butter to the meat mixture but other than that cooked it the same. I had a little trouble getting the middle to cook all the way so we had to pop them in the microwave but then… delicious.

Pizza balls! The Hubs LOVES these. And why wouldn’t he, they are cheese pepperoni and deliciously seasoned crust!  They take awhile to assemble but if you can convince your sweet husband to help it goes much faster 🙂

These are recipes I recommend but there are so many more to find on Pinterest. Check em out!

2 thoughts on “Chef Tavia

  1. Tobi says:

    Mmmmm! Pizza balls are right up my crew's alley! Thanks for sharing these ideas! (And it struck me that you cook a lot fancier than I ever did as a newlywed!)


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