Wow does God work in mysterious ways. We will never understand him and all he does but I for one feel like I have no clue at all what he is up to most of the time. I can tell you one thing though, HE IS FAITHFUL! After two months looking for a job, applying to literally about 40 places, a couple interviews, breakdowns, prayer, more applications, false hopes, another breakdown, followed by a couple more breakdowns. After all of that in the last 2 months, today all in one day I hear about a job, interview, and get the job! I will be working at a Jewelry store in downtown Cape Girardeau. Not only does the job sound like it is going to be so much fun but it pays very very well. It is a family jeweler that has been around since 1916 and owned by the sweetest little couple (and their dog Amos who lives in the back of the store 🙂 I start next Tuesday. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness and plan for my life, I may not know what you are doing but I am going to just keep on letting you do it.

Side note: today was also the best day to get a job because just last night Collin and I had decided that the rest of this week we were going to fast lunch and pray for my job situation. Well I called him at 3 right after I knew I got the job and told him to eat up cause I am now employed!

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