Fall Break & A Fun Day With My Man

So it is my Fall Break which is the first great part of today but along with that glorious fact, I also got to spend my afternoon with Collin! We started our day off with a delicious lunch at a Mediterranean brick over pizza place. It is this tiny little pizzeria run by some Greek men and they make your pizza right in front of you in a big red brick oven. The pizza = amazing! I think even better than the pizza was Collin and I sitting in the tiny restaurant waiting for our pizza and making up songs together! We then went back to my house ate our pizza and then headed to run some errands. We hit up Hobby Lobby to pick up a few wedding things!!! Then to Wal-Mart because Collin needed food for his house. We were just simply hanging out all day but it was just so fun. We laughed a lot (probably because Collin was putting on a show the whole day) and just had a great time. 

Tonight I get to finish off my fun day by going bowling with my little sister (Big Brothers Big Sisters). I haven’t been bowling in a long time but I am sure she will kick my butt!

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