Puppy Love

I know I said most times I would be talking about wedding shenanigans. But it just wouldn’t be right to not give a proper introduction to one of my favorite things in the world. My dog Mavis! 
A little overview on my history with dogs. I have none. Never had a dog, never thought I ever would. I always liked the idea of a dog, but the only dogs I knew smelled like pooh, had terrible breath and got hair all over everything. That and the fact that my parents were morally against us ever having a dog because they would (and I quote) “poop all over our beautiful yard!”  All those reasons combined, over the years I became a dog dis-liker (no hate here) and thus a cat lover. When I met Collin who had only ever had dogs I soon learned that one day I would be forced to welcome a new member of the canine persuasion to MY home. I figured that would not happen until after we were married and had settled down a little. WRONG! 
A woman that attends the same church as us was asking around for someone to take her sweet dog. A mutual friend contacted Collin and asked if he would be interested (conveniently not telling me). Collin of course with his huge heart couldn’t say no. He pretty much told the women he would take the dog… THEN he spoke with me about it. When we talked about it my first thought was “What in the world? We are busy college students with jobs and roommates and we are poor. No way should we bring a dog into that!” My second question was, “Well what kind of dog is it?” After the answer to this question I about killed a man. Now I am sure you’re all thinking, Tavia you are so heartless this poor dog needs a home and your sweet angel of a fiance is trying to rescue her. Have a heart, you monster! Ok fine fine now listen to this. Collin ever so slyly tells me “Well, uh. She is a pit-bull.” Yep, Collin oh-so-conveniently left that little detail out. At this point I had all these thoughts running through my head. She will kill us. Our future children might as well die now cause they will get their faces eaten off by this beast. I will never sleep at night. I am going to kill Collin, and it will hurt him. After pretty much yelling at Collin for how stupid he was the line that changed my mind was Collin ever so sweetly saying. “I just want to be her savior.” Now if just anyone had said that I would have laughed in their face, but for some reason coming from Collin’s mouth it made me love him even more and convinced me to get the dog (I laugh in his face about that line now of course.) So Collin took the dog. A 1 year old Brindle pit-bull named Mavis. 

here she is folks, in all her glory
Now you would think the story ends there, but you would be mistaken. Collin took the dog to his new apartment but he didn’t actually move in for 2 more weeks. His roommates had to be in charge of Mavis pretty much all the time. Thinking two weeks wouldn’t be so bad the roommates agreed. Wrong again! Mavis was terrible, she barked and cried all night. Pooped and peed in her kennel, tore things up and pretty much just raised hell. After one week the roommates couldn’t take it anymore and were pretty mad at Collin as a result. After a heart to heart the men decided that Mavis had to go to a new home or a shelter by the end of the week, but during that week she couldn’t stay there. So where did she go but naturally my house. I was so pretty ticked when Collin asked me to and very hesitant to say yes. I liked Mavis but since she had been so terrible at Collin’s I wasn’t too excited to bring that chaos to my house. Eventually I agreed. Mavis moved in on a Monday but I told Collin she HAD to be out of my house my Saturday because I really didn’t want her there at all. Well folks by Tuesday I was begging Collin to let her stay. I fell head-over-heels absolutely in love with this dog! We use the term dog loosely with Mavis because she really is much more like a human. The moment I knew I wanted her to stay was the second night she slept there. The first night I put her in her kennel all night and she did fine. SInce she did so good I decided I would let her stay out that night. She ended up sleeping right next to me and cuddling. Now I know most dogs have their cuddly moments but Mavis literally cuddles. She puts her arms around me and puts her head on my chest and sleeps like that most of the night. I mean how could I turn that down? She is so sweet and protective, she loves peanut butter, fruit snacks, ice cubes and used cat litter to name a few. She loves to give big wet kisses and jumps with me when I dance. She gets super excited when I come home from being gone and hasn’t ever slept anywhere but my bed at night. So long story short (ha!). Mavis is now our dog and we cannot imagine our lives without her! Sometimes Collin gets a little jealous of our love for each other but I try to remind him of his words from long ago and tell him “but we were her savior.” 😉 

 Puppy sleeping in the sunshine in “our” room
 The Future Smiths!
 She loves to be held like a baby.
Cuddle Time 🙂

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