Blogging Virgin

Blogging seems to be the new thing, or has been for a while. I follow countless blogs and continually find myself wishing I was that cool. Well I guess now is my time! Most blogs I read are Moms who have a whole lot going on, they cook, craft, their kids do funny things, have a gorgeous house (when the kids aren’t around) or they simply have an interesting life. I am not a Mom, have no funny kids, my house is a cheap rental inhabited by 3 college girls a dog and a cat and my life is pretty plain. I am however a full-time student, a nanny, on the search for a second job, team leader on a leadership team of a busy campus ministry and on top of that I am planning a wedding. I may have more to write about then I realized, hence the blog 🙂 Now one day I hope to have all the things my blogger friends have and then my posts will be more interesting and kick-booty but until then I will write what I know which at the moment is…chaos!

I will begin by introducing anyone who chooses to read this to the man who will eventually turn me into an ordinary Smith, but as the title of this blog states, I intend to not be ordinary like my future last name. WARNING: content of this post will now begin to get a little mushy. Stop reading if you are under 13 or have a weak stomach. 
Collin James Smith (creepy stalkers don’t even try to find him, there are millions!) is a tall, blonde and handsome 21 year old man from Southern Illinois. He speaks with a slight twang and has more charm than an english gentleman. Besides being handsome and charming he loves Jesus and will be the amazing spirtual leader of our soon-to-be household. With seven months to go before the wedding I am getting very anxious and am just plain ready to be his wife! In all honesty I could skip the wedding stuff and elope in a second. Now if Collin and I made that decision it would surley be our last decision because we would be dead. Straight-up killed by our mothers! So alas, the wedding must go on. Most of my posts will most likely be about dresses, cake, decorations and all things wedding. On the days when the wedding is not my friend (it has happened and will happen again!) I will bore readers with posts of school, friends, my dog Mavis (let’s be honest she will get a lot of attention), my job as a Nanny and the occassional cooking post. Hope not to cause anyone too much pain 😉

I will sign off with an engagement photo of the happy couple!

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