Nora Speaks | Vol. IV


Just some more great Nora quotes I want to remember! She is one funny gal!


Nora gets 10 minutes of “book time” before naptime and bedtime. This simply means she gets to look at books before she has to go to sleep. One night she came out of her room before her time was up and declared to me and Collin, “Mom, Dad. There’s bad news in my room. My books are sliding and sloppy!”


Nora and Ivy were playing together across the room while I sat on the couch. Out of nowhere Nora said so sweetly, “Ivy, you’re the best Ivy because you love me all day long. You fill my heart with love!” Talk about a melted momma-heart!


Nora set the record straight one day by letting me know that, “Princess don’t have boobs. them just has bellies. Even Aurora.”


Collin was putting Nora down for bed one night and I was applying a purple facemask for a little pampering. Nora saw me (she has seen me wear it before), and commented on how crazy I looked. While Collin was putting her down she said, “Tomorrow when I wake up I am gonna hide from mommy all day.” When Collin asked why she said, “Cause she’s scary now!”


Nora had a big scene of toys set up and Ivy was quickly approaching. Nora told Ivy “no” but Ivy got ahold of something anyway. I heard Nora frantically yell, “Mom can you get Ivy outta this problem?”


I had curled Nora’s hair one day just for fun, she kept looking at herself in the mirror and admiring it. As soon as she woke up from her nap that afternoon she ran to the mirror and said, “I’m just seeing if I’m regular Nora.” I asked what that means and she responded, “Cause right now with curls I’m just someone I don’t know!”


We were driving to the park one mornig and I caught Nora picking her nose in the mirror. I told her to stop picking her nose and then asked where she was gonna put the booger. She very honestly responded, “On my nother finger then my blanket.”


Nora has decided that someday she would like three brothers and three more sisters (#notgonnahappen). She has also chosen a few names she thinks we should consider when they arrive.

Boys: Landswaimp and Lady and the Tramp

Girls: Sooken and Cinderella Aurora


A lunch time conversation:

Nora: What do bears eat mom?

Me: oh they like fish, and some plants and berries.

Nora: Berries? That’s not good!

Me: Why not? They like berries.

Nora: No! Bears are not supposed to take our human food. They will come, take it from our gardens and that’s bad! Those are our groceries!



Bits + Pieces II

Bits and pieces of our life lately…



| Collin and I went on a date. Like a real date, dinner, dessert, and bookstore. We are pretty sure it was only our second since Ivy has been born. We both decided they need to happen far more often. I’m just crazy about this guy, and sometimes I just need him to myself!

| We had a wonderful and hectic Easter Sunday. Since Collin is a pastor Sundays are rarely relaxing. I also sing or volunteer in the children’s ministry almost every Sunday so things can get wild. Easter was no different. I sang at both services, and Collin was more needed than ever as a pastor. But there is just something sweet about Easter, no matter how crazy it gets. I just love celebrating what my Savior did for us all!

| We have been spending so much time outside. Every day with sunshine, or at least no rain, we are outside for as long as possible. My gals just love being outside, especially if there is water involved!



| Oh Ivy Corinne. In some ways I feel this girl may do me in! She has such a strong personality and can be so hard to please at times. She’s unpredictable and I don’t feel like I have any control with her (which this control freak hates!) But gosh is she also so sweet. We joke that she is a living sour patch kid. First she’s sour, then she’s sweet. She might be a raging turd at times, but she is also the cuddliest and sweetest at times too. And oh is she ever cute!

| Ivy has been walking since she turned 10 months, so she’s pretty good at it now. However, the introduction of shoes and outside terrain has proved to be a new challenge for her at times. She had a little wipe-out outside on the patio that gave her a pretty good scrape on her elbow. Doctor Daddy to the rescue! He was so sweet with her, and Ivy is a shockingly good patient!

| I have been in a new morning routine the past few weeks and it has been so life-giving! I am waking up early to go on walks with the dogs, showering and getting ready before the girls wake up, and getting to just enjoy mornings again. More on that later (well, maybe… I have good intentions anyway), but it has been so nice!

| These gals. I’m just so blessed to call them mine.



| We got a new porch swing a few weeks ago. It was perfect timing for the amazing spring weather we have been having! I sit and swing for a little after my walk each morning, and the girls love to climb up with me when we play outside. Thank you Way Day sale!

|I have been getting so lucky with new recipes lately. I tried two in a row recently and both are now going to become regulars in the Smith household! This Pesto Chicken Tortellini was so easy and so good!

|Ivy has really begun to enjoy books more and more in the last few weeks. She is slowing down, really looking at the pictures, and love to turn the pages over and over. I sure hope I have another book-lover on my hands! There are so many good ones I want to introduce her to!

| One morning after my walk, I was out on the swing and Collin brought me a sweet visitor who had woken up a little early. Ivy hung out with momma and spent her time climbing on top of the picnic table. Relaxing time over.

Family Sabbath

Monday is our family’s Sabbath. We are all home together and are intentional about making the most of that time. We do some special things that are just for that day, but mostly we just enjoy time together, unplugged, focused. It’s been so life-giving!

I woke up early and walked the dogs. I’ve been going on 6am walks and praying or listening to worship music. I highly recommend.

When I got home Ivy and daddy were up, and shortly after Nora joined us. Family time kicked off the way so many of our mornings do… with books on the couch. Daddy was the reader today, while I worked on breakfast!

Sleeping Cinderella is a favorite of our big gal. If you know a little girl who likes princesses, this is the book for her!


We do a “special breakfast,” something we don’t typically eat. This day I made a Breakfast Braid and we had some fruit. And Dynamite Coffee. Always Dynamite Coffee.


These three do this thing where they put their hands up to their ears and pretend they are on a three-way call. Ivy usually starts it and it’s the cutest thing. So glad I captured it perfectly.


Ivy doesn’t look too happy in this picture, but I think she was just pretending her feet were stinky. A game her and daddy love to play. These two look a lot alike and I think you can see it in this picture.


After breakfast was done, daddy went outside to do a little work. Nora and I sat at the table and chatted. I sipped my coffee and she educated me on all things princess. She’s by far my favorite three-year-old!


After breakfast and chit-chat Collin needed to reinstall the car seats. He had cleaned out both cars the day before (he does this about every 3-4 months and it is such a nice treat!) and never put them back in.

Us gals joined. Ivy and Nora played with rocks until Ivy saw the church, then she was a goner!


Time to head back home family! We enjoyed the rest of our Sabbath together.

I love these moments. I love these people. Thank you Jesus!


Slow & Ordinary

Most Sunday mornings around here are anything but slow and relaxing.

Typically we are rushing around to get all four of us ready, fed, and out the door by 7:15 knowing we will be staying next door at church for about 5 hours. It’s pretty hectic.

Collin has to go for obvious reasons (he’s the pastor), and I sing about three Sundays a month. We are lucky to have a great team of friends who help wrangle our girls while we rehearse and prepare for two services each Sunday. They are lifesavers who help things go smoothly for us!

There are however some days where Sunday morning gets to just be ordinary for us gals.

Slow and ordinary.

We wake up whenever we want, play, have an unrushed breakfast, get dressed, Ivy gets her usual morning nap, play some more and then we walk over to church together.

I love volunteering at church, but I relish in these slow ordinary Sunday mornings where I just get to be a regular ‘ol church-goer.

Here are some little moments from this Sunday morning. Thank you Jesus for every day, but Sunday is special!



Almost Perfect

I try not to use the word perfect too much.

It’s unattainable.

Only God is perfect. Nothing and no one else ever will be.

But this day was pretty close to perfect.

Almost perfect, if you will.


Daddy went into work a little later and spent his morning snuggling the girls and reading books. I got a little peace and quiet first thing in the morning which is rare.

I love seeing Collin with his gals. He is the best daddy. So loving, attentive, and the fun one for sure!


My girls were in their strawberry jams (as we call them) and looking extra cute! I am a sucker for a good pair of coordinating themed jammies!


After Collin left for work the girls got an afternoon bath. We’d had a late night the day before and they missed their bath night. So I plopped them in the tub and just let them play for a while before washing ’em up. Is there anything cuter than babies in the bath?

Nora requested they wear dresses for the day.

We picked out the perfect ones, and they sure looked pretty!


It was a rainy day and had been for the last few, so we made a pallet on the floor and watch a Winnie the Pooh movie.

We rarely do shows or movies to they are a big treat in this house. It also means that Nora is literally sedentary for the whole film. Eyes glued to the screen. We remind her to blink.

Ivy has seen maybe two shows/movies in her life and she could care less. She watched for the two minutes it took for me to get these pictures, then spent her time rolling around on the pallet and bugging Nora.


I honestly don’t remember what we did the rest of the day, but I know these pictures bring up the sweetest feelings in me.

It truly was almost perfect.

Instagram vs. Reality

This picture is the type of picture I would post on Instagram (and often here too).


My kitchen is clean, things are in their place, fresh flowers, and staged just how I like it.

You’ve heard it said before, social media is a highlight reel. I think it’s great to post positive things and pretty pictures, but let’s not act like things are always perfect…

These are the real-life pictures, bra on the floor and all. Just hours before the above picture.

Honestly, I like these more!



Bits + Pieces

Bits and pieces of our life lately…



| Mary Poppins appears frequently in our house still. I really don’t know what inspires Nora each day, but some days she is just feelin’ the Mary Poppins vibe! So she puts on her outfit and goes with it!

| I have a newfound love for fresh flowers and making little arrangments! Ever since Ivy’s “Flower Patch” birthday party, I have loved having fresh flowers in the house! I buy a $10 Wal-Mart bouquet and make about four-five mini arrangements from it! They last about two weeks!

| Speaking of flowers, Nora and I planted a bunch of wildflowers in two little corners of our yard a few weeks ago. It’s the kind you just scatter everywhere and hope for the best! We have quite a few sprouts already popping through!

| The weather had been so great here! Still so mild, but lots of sun! We go outside multiple times a day, and there is usually a snack involved. Do anyone else’s kids just love having a snack outside?



| I’m still committed to reading #hiswordeveryday! I have missed some days here and there, and not every day is “moving” me. However, I have noticed such a change in my day-to-day attitude and mindset when I am daily in God’s Word.

| Ivy is the definition of a hot-mess! That girl has so many emotions and can flip a switch in seconds! She is also our adventurer! She loves to climb, explore, and get into absolutely everything. Recently her favorite thing to do is unravel the toilet paper and go all over the house with it. It’s fun for one of us…

| Stories with dad are simply the best. Collin loves reading to the girls when he is home. It gives me a nice break from the piles of books I read them each day!

| Just so much outside time lately! My gals are lovers of the great outdoors. Spring is my favorite!

365 Days

Any other moms out there stay up way too late after the kids go to bed to look at pictures of them?

Just me?

Well, I am guilty of doing this far too often.

I love to look back at all the old pictures of my girls. It’s bittersweet as I love to remember those days, but it also makes me feel the sting of time. It goes way too fast!

I was up looking at pictures from when Nora was a baby the other night, and was stopped in my tracks at a picture taken right around her second birthday. She did not look like her baby-self at all! It gave me the idea to show her growth over her three years.

I searched and found pictures from right around her birthdays each year. Seeing them side-by-side really depicts how much growth a child does in those short 365 days!

It is so hard to imagine Ivy looking as old as Nora does in her two-year picture in just one year from now, but I know she will.

Cue tears.


Nora birth to three years old.

Mary Poppins Returns

We showed Nora the new Mary Poppins movie the other night. We weren’t sure how much it would hold her attention, but she LOVED it!

Then in true Nora fashion, she was Mary Poppins for days following. She created her costume all by herself asking me to find items for her. She looked at a picture to copy Mary’s look.

She then played pretend all around her room as the soundtrack played.

Gosh I love this child!


My Girls

I just love the ages my girls are right now.

One and three are both fun in their own ways. Their ages bring some obvious differences, but their personalities do too. I love seeing them do their own thing because they have different little interests. They also love to be together though!

They can finally “play” together which has been so fun to watch. I am loving seeing their little relationship form and grow each day.

They definitely already fight in their own way, and I know it’s just the beginning of that. Luckily most of the time they get along great and share really well. I like to tell them that they are “such devoted sisters” just like the song from White Christmas. Nora repeats that to me often and it’s so sweet.

Seeing their sweet little sisterhood and their individuality is one reason I am so glad I have the chance to stay home with them each day.